Good news: nearly every health problem can be improved or even cured by making simple changes. In Western society, we overuse prescription medications—neglecting simpler, safer, and more effective options. While conventional and alternative therapies provide relief, neither is as powerful as adopting the essential health habits. Embracing these is the way to feel better NOW while laying the solid foundation for a healthy future.

During his 30-year career which has focused on integrating conventional and complementary medicine, Michael Carlston, MD has en-countered many patients with chronic health issues who have continued to suffer in spite of carefully following their doctor’s orders. He has seen these same patients overcome their ill health and reduce or eliminate their need for prescription drugs by implementing practical lifestyle changes. With too many people looking for a “magic pill,” Dr. Carlston has found we can better take control of our lives by incorporating common sense and sustainable changes which instead promote good health and vitality.

In clear, accessible language, Dr. Carlston outlines the ten essential health habits:

 No fad diets or miracle drugs
 Simple daily practices & habits to achieve optimal wellness
 Learn practical steps to better care for yourself – and your loved ones
 Extensive INDEX to quickly look up ailments

  What people are saying about “Better than Medicines”…

“I wish all of my patients would read and heed this book. It presents a commonsense approach to living in a way that can help make and keep you healthy. Some modalities may be new to some readers, but Dr. Carlston explains their rationale and use clearly and helpfully. Then again, if all my patients read this I might have a lot fewer patients!”

Andrea Gordon, MD
Director of Integrative Medicine
Tufts University Family Medicine Residency Program at Cambridge Health Alliance


“Wise words from an experienced and trustworthy physician, reflecting a common sense approach to wellness that gives results. Dr. Carlston has been my go-to resource for practical and reliable health guidance for years. In addition to his incorporating an array of healing modalities, Michael writes and presents with an insightful humor, making his prescriptions easy to take!”

Brent BecVar, MS
Director, Vedic Counseling Program, Chopra Center for Well Being


“This book is a comprehensive resource and guide to promote better health. Dr. Carlston’s vast clinical experience offers unique insight into the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle and their critical role in successfully treating disease.”

Brian Karvelas, MD, ND
Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine


“Dr. Carlston takes the best of all integrative therapies, stirs it with his quest for the truth and what really works, seasons it with his years of experience in a wise and common sense manner, and presents us with a recipe for a truly holistic path to health.”

Paul Erickson, MD, MPH
Medical Director of North Point Health and Wellness Center,
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine


“This practical, well researched, and entertaining book—served in healthy, easy-to-digest portions —meets our millennial needs. Feast on it!”

Janice Mancuso
Creator, The Osler Symposia



Meet Dr. Carlston…



Reader’s Digest — Dr. Carlston was interviewed by Amy Boyington for her
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